Thursday, 24 July 2014

My Adventure in Blogging - part I

My Adventure in Blogging - part I

No man has the right to dictate what other men should perceive, create or produce, but all should be encouraged to reveal themselves, their perceptions and emotions, and to build confidence in the creative spirit.

The first time I surf the web, I didn't think there was anything interesting to read. Mostly I just do research for projects and some shopping now and then. I don't know when I came across blogs but I knew I was hesitant in starting one. I didn't think I have anything to say or share with other people. I was never the outspoken girl who always has an opinion on everything. I rarely speak if at all. Then I decided to get a digital camera. That was the start of blogging. My interest in music came first but photography and writing had always interest me.

Since I already have an Yahoo email account, I thought I try Yahoo 360. Yahoo 360 is more of a website with a blog included. So I created a page naming it, "Walking with wings: amateur photography," named after a song from one of my favorite artist, Anthony Wong. It was to be a photography blog. But of cause I didn't like the way it was set up and also the blog section was integrated into the pages so that when someone goes to your page, they would seem the front page instead of your blog page. I tried Yahoo360 for a while but was dissatisfied by the design and that I couldn't manipulate anything. So I begin to search the web for other ways to create blogs.

After a couple of weeks, I discover Blogger. My first blog at Blogger was a music blog in 2006. Name after one of the album title of one of my favorite artist, Anthony Wong - 'Tomorrow's Song'. Then it was a wallpaper blog, named, 'Music & Lyrics (now deleted from blogger), which I quickly abandon after a couple of months when I couldn't find any joy in updating it. The music blog I had done for a couple of months but could not find any new releases that I like so I stopped updating (not abandon just not updating as much). Then it was a third blog which I titled, 'Realm Photography,' from album title from the band, inLove. That was also abandon. I guess I have short attention span. I didn't know what else to put but a couple of photographs. I didn't think I could do interesting photos until I have more practice with my camera. 'Realm Photography' was also deleted from Blogger. But I did learn a lot about editing the templates and graphics and changing things around. That was also when Blogger had gone into beta. Not sure when I change into the new Blogger but I was glad that I did. It was easier to manipulate and it is also a whole new way to do blogs.

Since I'm such an indecisive person, I changed the looks of 'Tomorrow's Songs' many times. See the various versions at the image below.

Of cause, I went and created my fourth blog - A Pity I'm an Aquarius. It is name after a song from one of my favorite artist, Miriam Yeung who is also an Aquarius. The overall Wordpress blogs looked so clean and refine that I had to tried it out. But I find I did not like the way the interface was when making a post. The image sizing and uploading seem too confusing plus you may not customize your blog's html unless you pay a fee. I thought, why should I pay a fee to do something I can do for free? I decided to create my new blog at Blogger. Their interface was easy and I already have blogs there. I can customize the blog any way I like.

The original idea for 'A pity I'm an Aquarius' was a design blog - about graphic design, interior design, fashion, packaging, etc. But then when I switch to Blogger, I decided to make it into a personal blog with music review, journal writing, design news and viewpoints and photography.

It was the beginning of something new. It was something that I can do to share my talent, I suppose that's the word to use, talent. I don't know whether I have talent except I really l like photography, writing and blogging. There are days when I wasted so much time worrying about what I should be doing with my free time. My purpose in life seem so vague sometimes. I heard/read somewhere that just doing ordinary things is part of living. Even wasted days can be reclaimed, by doing something you loved.